504 Squadron Announcements

These are unprecedented times, and like many organizations, we are adapting because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The health and safety of our cadets, cadet families, volunteers and officers remains our top priority.

That being said, there are some important Squadron announcements that were unable to be delivered at our cancelled Chinthe Parade and which I would like to take this opportunity to communicate them to our 504 community.

One of the greatest aspects of being CO is the privilege to stand before the squadron and recognize cadets and staff on their achievements .As we cannot get together as our 504 family to celebrate and recognize these achievements I will do my best here as they deserve all of our praise and support.

  • Our senior cadet, having turned nineteen years old, has graduated from the cadet program. Warrant Officer First Class (WOI) Saul Campos-Garcia’s tenure as our Chief is a prime example of the exemplary senior cadet leadership we have had running the squadron over the years. He an excellent role model to his subordinates and an invaluable team member of the 504 leadership team. WOI Campos-Garcia will indeed be missed. We will however, be honoring him at a future date at the squadron, in the meantime, Saul, please accept our thanks and congratulations for your outstanding service and accomplishments at 504 Squadron.
  • The graduation of WOI Campos-Garcia, creates an opportunity for another senior cadet to take on this leadership role as our next Chief. As indicated above, 504 Squadron is blessed with a great deal of leadership talent amongst our senior cadets. I would like to congratulate WOI Mikhail Chizhov who has been promoted and is appointed as our next Chief of 504. I know he will accept his new role and continue our tradition of excellence.
  • Joining our 504 Warrant Officer Second Class (WOII) team are two well deserving candidates who have been selected from our pool of outstanding senior cadet leaders. Promoted to the rank of WOII is FSgt David Vlasov and FSgt Raimond Delizo. Congratulations to you both, I know you will continue to excel in your new roles and;
  • Congratulations to OCdt Zitkus who has been promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant. This is a very special promotion for any officer as it represents the granting of the Queen’s Commission. Well-deserved and overdue, Sarah!

Congratulations to everyone, we will of course endeavour to honour your accomplishments above formally at the earliest opportunity once the Squadron resumes normal operations.  I know that all of our 504 community members join the Sponsor and Staff in congratulating you at this time.  Thank you for demonstrating our Squadron Motto:  Determined to Deliver!