Commanding Officer Year End Address & Updates

As the impacts of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continue to be felt around the world, the staff of 504 and senior cadets have been working diligently behind the scenes to engage our cadets through our Squadron’s online activities.

Normally at this time of year we would be winding down operations and getting ready for summer training but of course these are not normal times.

We have not forgotten about our year end awards and will be presenting them at a special parade in the fall to award winners and recognize those that have graduated from their training levels as well as honour those aging out of the cadet program.  Of course, there is a growing list of promotions that we will be pleased to carry out in the fall.

When you come to the end of a year there are many people to thank.  I want to thank the Parents for their hard work and dedication to our young people.  The Sponsoring Committee and its Chairman, Jutta Rohrschach, Andy Yun, the Squadron advisor from the Air Cadet League, and Cadet Liaison David Baxter, President Ron Wills Branch 175, Kingsway Legion.

 Our Squadron’s success has been the combined efforts of many program partners, the Officer Staff, civilian instructors, civilian volunteers, the parents and the members of the Sponsoring Committee, the Air Cadet League of Canada along with the support of DND that made this past year possible.

I also want to recognize the effort and positive contribution made by each and every Cadet throughout the year for the many successes of this training year and in helping to make this program so valuable to all of you; whether it was through our level training program on Wednesday evenings, or our optional programs such as marksmanship, public speaking, biathlon or band.  You embraced a vision at the beginning of the year and followed through on your commitment to invest in yourself and our 504 community.  All of you are to be commended for your dedication and maturity!

Those of you, who will be leaving, take with you the pride of being a member of this great squadron.  I am confident you will find use for all you have learned in the future, regardless of where life takes you.

Those of you, who will be returning in the fall, think of the opportunities that lie ahead and what you can do to enhance your Cadet experience.  If there are programs, projects or events you think would be of interest to your fellow Cadets, I encourage you to step forward and share them. 

For those of you who have may be unsure about returning, I ask that you take time over the summer to think of what you would be giving up.  Think about what you have achieved so far.  Think about what challenges await and the opportunities you will miss if you don’t return.  I hope all of you who are eligible to return do so and bring your friends.

I would also like to acknowledge:

Capt Andrew Lejeune for 4 years of dedication as your Training Officer who will be stepping away from the Cadet Program.

CI Stephen Yun who will be leaving us to pursue his education in Calgary.

Lt Jason Yuen who will be taking time off to tend to his ever growing family.

I can’t express my appreciation enough to these staff members for all their hard work and dedication to the squadron, thank you!

And finally congratulations to Lt Deanne Buck who has been appointed to the position of Training Officer. I would also like to welcome Capt Jeannie Palamarek as our newest staff member and Standards Officer.

Further communication will be sent out in the summer as to when and how the squadron will resume operations.

Capt Mark Lust, CD
Commanding Officer
504 Blatchford Field (RCACS)