Level 3 Year End Address

To the level 3 cadets, I would like to take this time to reflect on the great things we have achieve this training year. At the start of the year we all had varying expectations and experiences going into the training year. Many of you went to summer camp and brought back many skills and lessons to the unit. Throughout the year we grew as a level and became a closer group than at the start. I got to know many of you quite well and hope for the absolute best for your further cadet training. I believe that each one of you have the ability to be successful in your level 4 training, although you may not feel ready, if you are willing to take on challenges and step out side of your comfort zone I believe you all are capable of leading the squadron in the future. I hope that you all decide to continue with the cadet program into next year, this year has taught us many lessons and will change certain things forever. But I do hope that you each reflect on what the cadet program has to offer you and you find your passion within the program, whether that’s in aviation, leadership, teaching, survival, music or band I wish you pursue these passions. It will teach you many things along the way and open doors to numerous opportunities. Remember to make them say no, the only limit to how much you can achieve in this program is you.

All the best,
CI Yun