In order to provide the safest environment possible for staff and cadet participants, the following procedures are in effect as of October 2020:

Returning Cadets: You must complete the annual validation document be completed before the cadet can start parading this includes the Detailed Health Questionnaire if your cadet is required to have one.


Parents must ensure that cadets complete the Alberta Health Services self-assessment questions PRIOR TO LEAVING HOME and follow the directions provided as a result of the assessment.


  1. Parents/guardians dropping off cadets should wait for 10 minutes before leaving the hangar parking lot to ensure cadets have successfully completed the check-in procedure inside;
  2. Parents who have inquiries should consider the following options:
    1. Check the 504 website for posted information;
    2. Email the squadron with your inquiry (504cadets@gmail.com);
    3. Simple inquiries, including parents with new cadets wanting to join, can be made at the reception desk just inside the hangar (it is best to avoid simple inquiries, if possible, through the above options); or
    4. Parents needing assistance other than a simple inquiry should make a prior appointment so that we can serve you better.
  3. Parents picking up cadets – must wait in the parking lot for their cadets to exit the building (please note the new pick up time below).


  • Other than as provided for above, no visitors are permitted to remain in the hangar. 
  • Parents must pick cadets up on time as there is minimal space to wait for rides due to social distancing requirements.  NEW PICK UP TIME:  8:30 PM


  1. Will enter through the main cadet entrance and proceed to the left, past the reception desk (parent inquiries), until they arrive at the cadet check in point near the Supply section/coat rack.
  2. Cadets will confirm responses to COVID questions and sign in.
  3. At the end of the parade night, following announcements cadets will be dismissed in a controlled manner to allow for social distancing as they exit.  Cadets will depart via the side entrance near the Supply section/coat rack.