Instructor Resources

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Lesson Plans

Instructors must complete lesson plans for every lesson and submit them to their Senior Instructor in hard-copy no later than three weeks in advance of the lesson. Lesson plans must be word processed; hand written lesson plans will not be accepted without prior permission. Electronic submission is not permitted.

Training Standards

The Training Officer has established clear standards for both Lesson Plans and Lesson Delivery.

Lesson Delivery. Designated training department staff will conduct periodic lesson evaluations. There is no pass or fail for these evaluations; their purpose is to monitor training quality and provide constructive feedback to Instructors. Evaluations will be scheduled in advance.

Lesson Plans. Senior Instructors will review all lesson plans when submitted to ensure they meet established standards.


Useful Documents

Squadron Master Training Plan

Training Publications

The following documents are housed in the CCO Extranet. If you haven’t accessed it before, click here to learn how.

Lesson Plan Templates