Friends of 504

While the Air Cadet Program is partially funded by the Department of National Defence, we rely on the dedicated group of parents, guardians, and community members that form the Friends of 504 Support Association. This non-profit organization is the primary civilian sponsoring body for 504 RCACS and their hard work and dedication make this program possible.

Volunteer Screening/Information:

A “screened volunteer” is a parent/guardian who has filed with the Air Cadet League for a volunteer card.    In order for a parent/guardian to become a “screened volunteer” you must fill out the Police Information Check App and the EPS Third Party Notification Form.  In addition the Air Cadet League requires each candidate complete the Volunteer Registration Screening Application forms.  These forms require that we have three character references, who are not related to the candidate, and to undergo an interview with the Volunteer Screening Coordinator.   Each candidate must provide one piece of picture ID and a second identically named piece of ID.

ACL Volunteer Complete Screening Pkg

Parent Volunteer Information Form

The Friends of 504 would greatly appreciate it, if as many parents as possible be screened as volunteers.  There are frequently fundraising activities, like bottle drives, where parents/guardians are asked to transport cadets from one venue to another.  It is required to have a  screened parent/guardian perform these tasks for insurance purposes.  Please submit the complete the ACL Volunteer Complete Screening Pkg to the Volunteer Screening Coordinator, Andy Yun SSC Chair of The Friends of 504 Support Assoc.

Friends Of 504 Committee Members

President, Jutta Rohrschach

Vice President,

Vice President,

Treasurer, Amandah Wohlgemuth

Secretary, Trevor Uitvlugt

Member at Large,

Member at Large,

Past President, Jamie McGurgin

SSC Advisor, Andy Yun